Funny Civil War Shirt Designs

So, I’m going to post a few links to fun products I’ve found related to the Civil War.  In particular, Civil War shirts.  Novelty clothes are all the rage these days, and I personally love it.  Maybe it’s cheesy, but wearing history-themed shirts is a fun way to express my love of history while also expressing my dry sense of humor.  For the record, I’m not connected in anyway to any of these businesses or artists.  I just thought they were fun and wanted to share some in one post.

Check out this Robert E. Lee shirt over at

And for the reddit fans out there, this Lincoln, Cat Lover shirt at the same site.

Or this Lincoln shirt that quotes his famous “Drop beats, not bombs” line from his second inaugural.  I personally own this one and love it.  It’s got an image of Lincoln with a boombox, droppin’ some street knowledge on the nation.

Now, in most cases, when you search online for civil war shirts you’re going to get cheaply made shirts with an Internet meme image plastered on it.  But at least in the case of the Lincoln shirt I can vouch for it. It’s a bit thin, but perfect for summer.

Any readers out there have personal favorites they’d like to add?