My Published Works

I actively research and write history content for the general public.  I get a thrill out of researching and writing, and an even bigger thrill bringing this history to you, the reader.  I write in accessible style and try to break complex historical events into digestible bits.   If the item is for sale, I link to the purchase site.  Click the title of the item to read a sample.

“The Siege of St. Stanislaus Kostka”

Michigan History Magazine (March/April 2013): 43-48.

Every community has skeletons in their closet.  In the late 1890s, Roman Catholic Church St. Stanislaus Kostka, in Bay City, Michigan, was plagued with internal strife.  The primarily Polish parish was laid under siege by unhappy parishioners, in a standoff with the Bishop that reached the Supreme Court and sometimes resulted in violence.

The Spanish American War: A Brief History

Published: November 2012.

Spanish-American War: A Brief History

The Spanish-American War lasted on a few months, and many Americans have forgotten about it entirely.  Yet it launched Theodore Roosevelt to the White House, an action that transformed the Presidency and America.  It took America from an agricultural small power to an international powerhouse.  A fascinating story, this book is perfect for the casual history buff or someone who wants to learn more about forgotten history without having to read a weighty scholarly tome.

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“Ten Hours or No Sawdust!”

Michigan History Magazine (March/April 2012): 22-27.

In 1885, Bay City, Michigan was paralyzed by a massive labor strike at the lumber mills.  Agitating for better pay and shorter hours, the workers marched through the streets and spread their strike to neighboring Saginaw.  Eventually the strike would involve even Michigan’s governor and the National Guard.

Nothing Could Get ‘Em Down: The Detroit Red Wings in the 1936 Playoffs

Published 2011.

Red Wings logo from the 1930s

The Detroit Red Wings are a world renowned hockey club.  Yet very little of their early history is written down in narrative.  This short e-book (very short!) details their perseverance in the 1936 NHL playoffs to earn their first-ever Stanley Cup Championship, which would become the first of many.  This book introduces you to the exciting playoff games and the superstars of yesterday.

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“Livy as an Historian”

Published 2009.

A representative sample of my work for the old web site Associated Content.  It is an introduction into Rome’s greatest historian and the importance of his magnum opus: Ab Urbe Condita.

Read here:


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