Genealogy Discovery

Just a brief update to show all of you I’m still around.  It’s been a crazy few months.  I graduated with my B.S. in History and Political Science and now that the clamor around the holidays is dying down a bit I will be returning to post more frequently.  But for today, just a quick interesting blurb on my family history.

I went to my local library today to dig up some more information to add to my extensive genealogy research.  Honestly I wasn’t expecting to find much, and I didn’t really.  However, there were some interesting tidbits I unearthed about the Civil War service of the Plessner brothers in my family history.

If anyone has any information on the following individuals or units, I’d appreciate a comment or a message!

Otto R. Plessner (1846-1919), Private, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery, Company H.

Heinrich (Henry) Plessner (1840-1898), some conflicting documents but it seems he entered as a Captain and left the service as a Major with the 9th Ohio Cavalry Company E.

Robert Plessner (Possibly Robert G. L. Plessner) (1844-1872), Either a Private, 113th Michigan Infantry or a Private in the 9th Ohio Cavalry, Company E.  Apparently there were two Robert Plessner’s but information on either would be greatly appreciated.  None of the information I gathered from these documents helps me identify which one is the Robert Plessner who would die in 1872 of smallpox, though the 113th Infantry Plessner did leave the service in 1869 due to an unnamed disability.

It may even be possible that Robert entered the 113th (I believe the documents list this as the earliest enlistment)